Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ice Cream & Desserts!
Ciao Bella Gelato is made right here in NYC offers amazing flavors. So far I have tried Malted Milk Ball with mini malt balls throughout the creamy treat. I have also tasted the beautiful Blackberry Cabernet. With over 100 flavors of gelati, sorbets, and frozen yogurts you won't be disappointed. There are several locations within the city and thankfully the Italian ice cream is also offered in many NY grocery stores!

Emack & Bolios is absolutely fantastic! Once again I was totally impressed by their creative flavor menu! I visited the 73rd W. Houston St. (@ W. Broadway) location and had the Black Raspberry Chip frozen yogurt! Loved it!

Crumbs is a great bakery that is dangerously too close to my apartment! The cupcakes aren't just gorgeous, they are moist and delicious! I have tasted the raspberry cupcake and the vanilla buttercream cupcake.. both are fantastic. But I have personally ordered the Caramel Apple cupcake. The white buttercream frosting was delicately decorated with a caramel swirl. When sliced in half I found an apple pie-like filling in the center that really topped the cake! Just CLICK HERE to see their lovely creations!