Sunday, April 13, 2008

BLT Market

Nothing beats the BLT restaurants from BLT Prime to BLT Market the service is impeccable and the food is amazing. Located on the corner of 59th and 6th Ave and within the fancy Ritz-Carlton.
Our lunch began with a complimentary plate of gourmet pigs in the blanket and a baguette of French garlic bread served in a rustic paper bag. The menu changes seasonally and all ingredients are grown locally. The mushroom soup which was poured at the table and deliciously light. It was hard to find a meatless dish so I ordered the one thing that didn't mention meat in the description, the beet salad however the moment it was set in front of me I could smell bacon. I immediately asked the waiter and sure enough there was bacon in the creamy dressing! They kindly took it back and brought me one with no bacon and no cream sauce.
We topped off our meal with a refreshing scoop of berry sorbet!

If you're not looking to drop $100 on a meal here I suggest you go for dessert or appetizers because the experience of the restaurant is the highlight of BLT Market. And I'd want every one of the paintings in the restaurant on the walls of my own home.

Bocca di Bacco

Having not seen photos of this new restaurant before going I was pleasantly surprised. The big decorated doors (yes, just like this photo) opened up to an exposed brick, full wine bar venue. There is plenty of wine on tap and a long table for patrons to share apps and vino. Even though I'm a big fan of sharing appetizers with friends. I definitely recommend staying for a full meal at Bocca di Bacco. My sister had pumpkin gnocchi while my mom ordered their homemade pumpkin ravioli. This was the second restaurant we went to during their week long stay in NYC and by the end of their trip this was their most memorable meal! The dessert menu was tempting with but my mom and sister were off to see Rent so we couldn't stay, if you get a chance to try the desserts at Bocca di Bacco please let me know how it is!
Warming: Bocca di Bacco only accepts cash and Amex.
But... you can make reservations at Open Table.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gramercy Park Hotel

Having been to the Gramercy Park Hotel for drinks at the Rose Bar I knew I had to go back just to spend more time in luxury boutique hotel. I knew my parents would love the chic sophistication of the GPH's decor, designed by Ian Schrager, so I took them to Wakiya.
Located to the left of the lobby, opposite Rose Bar, Wakiya is amazingly sleek and serves a modern Chinese cuisine by Japanese celebrity Chef Yuji Wakiya. Our fabulous waiter recommended that we order our dinner according to traditional Chinese tradition, from cold to hot. From the menu, I recommend the Vegetable Dumpling, XO Omelet Fried Rice, and Field Green Salad. There are pictures of these and other things we ordered below.

Recommended cocktails at Rose Bar: the Long Berry and the Rose & Lychee Martini
Reservations for Wakiya can be made via Open Table