Saturday, July 21, 2007


The moment you walk into Guantanamera you are surrounded by Cuba with live music and a station for hand-rolled cigars. The waitstaff definitely give us plenty of time to make our entree selections while we sipped the delicious white-wine sangria flavored with apples and oranges. My friend and I were all pleased with our entrees which included Ensalada de Pina Y Aguacate (avacado, which I substituted with artichokes, and pineapple in a mango vinaigrette on a bed of mixed greens) and the Arroz con Camarones (yellow rice with shrimp and vegetables). Fun place, great food, vast drink menu, definitely worth the trip!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bar Jamon

The always crowded Bar Jamon is located at 17th Street and Irving Place. The scene is very welcoming with it's dim lighting, a chalk board highlighting the evening's tapas and a knowledgeable staff. Casa Mono, owned by Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali only serves those who are ordering dinner so if you just want to grab a drink the host will direct you next door to Bar Jamon. All of Bar Jamon's food is cooked by the Casa Mono kitchen, which I've heard is good but have not yet had.

Dispatch Concert

This weekend Dispatch is performing live in NYC at Madison Square Garden and I was able to attend the first show of the weekend! It was amazing... not only the concert itself but to see how Dispatch is helping out those who really need help. Proceeds from the ticket sales go towards fighting disease, famine and social injustice in the country of Zimbabwe. A contribution will also be made to local charities- meaning 100% of proceeds will be donated! Throughout the show facts about Zimbabwe appeared on big screen. I learned things I had no clue about... The country of Zimbabwe is about the size of Montana with a little more than 12 million people, with about 1 million orphans, 80% of the population live in poverty and 25% have HIV/AIDS. I was shocked and so glad to see that Dispatch has taken a stand and is doing their best to help all these people in need.
On Monday, July 16th Friday night's show will be available to download from their myspace page:

Jet Blue

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to jetBlue! Last weekend I flew the discounted airline for the first time (NYC-Chicago). I am obsessed with the live TV from DirectTV, the friendly service and the multitude of snacks they offer, complimentary to each traveler. And in the spirit of the 4th of July they offered organic Apple Pie cookies!!! So good!
The flight from Chicago to NYC was delayed about 4 hours so while we waited jetBlue representatives offered blankets to all of us waiting as well as animal crackers and Terra chips. It made the wait that much better! I highly suggest taking jetBlue any time you can!

3rd Annual Culver Triathlon

Last weekend I participated in the 3rd Annual Culver Triathlon in Culver, Indiana. It was amazing to see this little town host such a fun, well-sponsored sporting event. Some of the most notable sponsors included Pro Form, Brinkman Press who provided swim caps for the swimmers, and Michelob Ultra who was giving unlimited beer samples to everyone!
Participants could tackle the 1/4 mile swim, 10.5 mile bike ride and the 3 mile run as an individual or as a relay team. Having no desire to swim and then complete the race in a wet bathing suit, my dad and I competed as a co-ed relay team. He did the swimming portion while I biked and ran finishing in about 1 hr. and 24 minutes!
Overall the race was amazing- Culver is a wonderful place to be and this race made it even more special! I'm definitely signing up for next year's event, and might do all three events!

Kansas City

A few weekends ago I was in Kansas City for a wedding and was totally impressed with how cute this city is, especially the downtown area. The area known as The Plaza has great shopping and great restaurants. The Plaza was designed in the 1920s and known as the nation's first suburban shopping district. The open-air centre was inspired by Spanish architecture and European art.
For the rehearsal dinner we went to Brio Tuscan Grille where we were severed fabulous dishes- 2 different dishes of pasta, salmon, and steak, followed by 2 large dishes of dessert including the best cheesecake I have ever tasted- Mike's Famous Cheesecake and Tiramisu.
On a side note, I flew Midwest Airlines NYC-Kansas City round trip and loved it, even despite the massive delay leaving NY. Not only did each passenger have big comfy seats, the flight attendants serve freshly baked chocolate chip cookies during the flight that they bake on the plan! What a great idea!