Friday, May 11, 2007

Baraonda- 1439 2nd Ave (75th Street)
My first outdoor seating of the season! This corner location became more well known this past winter when a hi-jacked truck crashed into the side of this Italian eatery. After a full recovery this restaurant is still as crowded as ever, full of the trendy 30 year old crowd. There were a couple of girls sitting behind us that reminded me of the women in The Real Housewives of the O.C.
Our dishes looked fabulous and (in my case) tasted great too. I had the Buffalo Mozzarella with tomatoes, roasted bell peppers and basil. One of my friends ordered the Halibut. While my other friend was a bit more selective/creative with her order, choosing her favorite features of 2 different pasta dishes and having them made into one. The waiter had her dish customized per order, I was impressed with his understanding of the complex order.
To top it all off, we satisfied our sweet tooth by stopping at the Maggie Moo's next store! Yummy! The ice cream shop even offered Ice Cream Cupcakes, as a long-time fan of ice cream cakes I was impressed to see this clever creation- who would have thought- Ice Cream Cupcakes?!?!