Sunday, January 10, 2010

Waxing in Los Angeles

Last weekend was my first full weekend (without my parents) in LA. First order of business: get my eyebrows done! I hadn't had them done since Thanksgiving so I was in need of a good shape-up. At the recommendation of my sister's friend, mind you she's 17- but has great eyebrows, I went to Anastasia in Beverly Hills.

After making my appointment with Jasmine I checked out their website and quickly realized I may have just signed up for the most expense eyebrow wax ever! For two reasons- (1) they don't offer a menu of services on their website, or at least not one that I have been able to find, and (2) the place is widely known for their eyebrow shaping expertise and have been featured in In Style, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and more. Not to mention Kristin Cavallari visits the salon, check out the paparazzi video here.

All the eyebrow waxing stations are out in the open, just like a hair salon would be set up, with similar kind of chairs that just recline a bit more. (Bikini waxing is thankfully done behind closed doors! Haha) I was sitting in the waiting area for Jasmine to finish with her client who happened to be a man in his early to mid 60s. I was totally transfixed by this man and his stunning 30-something wife and her huge diamond ring.
As I sat there I thought, so this is Beverly Hills!
... and I like it! I mean, at least the people watching! It's fun to imagine who these people are, what they see in each other, how they met, etc.

Anyway, back to the waxing experience, it was great, $50, but I walked away loving my eyebrows! I've been getting my eyebrows done since I was in 6th grade and this was the first time the esthetician finished by applying makeup to my brows and brow bone- I loved it!

I'm not 100% sure I'm going to go back though, I think I'm going to try a few more before I decide on just one place.