Friday, March 03, 2006

I was so upset last night. After spending about 2 hrs. updating the blog when I clicked the Publish button around midnight my internet quit and I lost it ALL!!! I have decided not to re-do the info since it took so long and I will just get on with today's news! Sorry ya'll--- also.. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS! A blog is suppose to allow for multi-communication!

Here is Salma Hayek at the "Ask the Dust" premiere in Hollywood Thursday. (source)

Who is this man?!?! (source)

While fiance, Ryan Reynolds in filming in Vancouver, Alanis spends the day with a long haired mystery man... sans engagement ring! The started with some Beverly Hills shopping, then lunch at, an hr. at the spa, followed by a trip to Santa Monica to see Walk the Line. If you think back to the Golden Globes, the then blonde, Analis walked the red carpet solo. We've all seen the signs before: seen in public without a ring, solo appearances, and QT with another guy!

Warning to the hopefuls: It may be her brother, Chad. Time will tell.

[He does have a long face just like she does, umm..]

Remember the pics I posted of KFed hanging out with a blonde chick while Brit was in Hawaii? Spears saw the pictures and she's pissed.. CLICK HERE.

Life & Style mag is not reliable... find out why.

Scarlett is annoyed at the Golden Globes fondling!