Thursday, March 09, 2006

Please tell me it isn't so...
I really like this couple, but it has been reported that their relationship may be on the rocks. The former Jane's Addiction rocker, Dave Navarro has been seen on the Hollywood club scene recently without his wife, Carmen Electra. Other warning signs: She attended the 'Oscar Rocks' party in Hollywood last Sunday alone. During the past year they spent a lot of time apart since she was filming 'Cheaper by the Dozen 2' in Canada.
This photo is of the two shopping at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills- they look distant and withdrawn from one another. [They wed in 2003.]

Nicole and DJ AM, out in LA on Tuesday. (source) The on-again couple went to Koi restaurant. (At least they been frequenting restaurants! I want her to get healthy.) According to US Weekly, she asked him if she could put her engagement ring back on and he said no!
haha- that kinda makes me laugh!

Eva Longoria's Love Potion #9 [source]
and remember the jeans?
She's in loooove with San Antonio Spurs (#9) player, Tony Parker- and it shows!
Eva is apparently good friends with neighbors Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, and Eva Mendes. (There are rumors that Eva has 'lesbian crushes' on these women but I'm sure Eva just meant she hangs out with these girls often.)
The beauty graces the pages of the British GQ: [photo source]

Dumped again...
Nick tells us not to feel sorry for him, but it's becoming hard not to. (source)
The WB sitcom he had been shooting about a newlywed professional baseball player has been dropped! As source said: "There are only so many openings on the new network. Nick's show didn't make the cut." Keeping our hopes up, the sources adds that "the network loves Nick- they just weren't into the baseball show. They're putting together another project for him."

Katie chooses a 'birthing partner' (source) Of all people, Katie Holmes has asked Victoria Beckham to be her birthing partner.
Here's part of the story told by a source to Britain's Grazia mag:
"Victoria has become something of a mother hen to Katie, so when she was asked if she would be with her during the birth, she said yes straight away."
What because being the mother of 3 and looking beautiful just isn't enough?!?!
Oh and FYI: the two were introduced by Tom Cruise!

What is Tori Spelling up to now?
A new show on VH1 set to air April 2nd. In this new show, 'NoTORIous,' Tori will play a fictional character based on her own life!
What a joke! Do we really think this is going to last?

Project Runway-- season finale.
Chloe wins. Santino's was said to be boring, while Daniel's lacked cohesiveness.
Chloe's collection
The winning designer's model was also given a spread in Elle to model the clothes. And stupid Chloe chose the man-looking model! ahh, how frustrating! Besides the fashion spread in Elle, Chole will receive $100,000 cash to start her own line, a 2007 Saturn.
Daniel's Collection
(I love the winter white coat and the floral jacket)
Santino's Collection

Top Chef-- season premier.
I was able to watch the premier last night and liked it. It may not become one of my regulars, but it wasn't bad. Click Here to learn more about the new show.