Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Real Housewives of the OC
I am loving this show recently! I am more interested in Jo & Slade's life than anyone else's. The first season wrapped up last night with major drama!
Last week we saw Jo leave Slade, and her huge engagement ring after they had gotten into a fight on their scheduled "date night." He is worried that she parties too much and isn't ready to be a family with him. In last night's episode they got back together, made their re-entrance as a couple at backyard party- everyone was shocked! As the show ended Bravo gave us updates on their current lives. Reportedly, Jo & Slade broke up 2 wks after the party, 6 wks later he started dating LORI- another one of the Housewives... but after that fling ended he and Jo are "unofficially" back together!
Next Tuesday is the Reunion show! = )

Sober Socialites
These three party girls, Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton, & Courtney Love all wore angelic white to the 1st Annual "Sober Day USA" Launch Party with The Brent Shapiro Foundation For Drug Awareness. (source)

Jessica and Guess who?!?!
Of course, Ken Paves is by her side as they leave Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills.
I'm not sure how I feel about her new do- Ken needs to get with it! ; ) [source]

Katie & Tom... Bond Girl? Prenup?
Apparently Katie was the #1 choice for producers of Casino Royale as the lastest Bond Girl. But then she had the alien baby and who knows what will happen now! (source)
As for a PRENUP?!?!
TomKat has signed a pre-nuptial agreement worth $22million!!! If the couple split they will divide their assets. Katie will also receive $14 million. But no matter what happens in their relationship, baby Suri has an $8 million trust fund set aside for her! (source)
Currently, the pair are planning for a summer wedding. Speaking of which I have read that he dad is worried about her strict fitness regime post-preg. In order to be a beautiful bride for Tom on their wedding day she has teamed up with Buff Brides!

Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos are Dunzo! People reported the other day that after a year of dating they are breaking up.