Friday, May 12, 2006

Shop til you.. jump!

Lindsay Lohan was shopping, of course, in West Hollywood on Wednesday (5/10/06). During the shopping spree she leaps into the arms of friend and talent manager Jason Weinberg. [source]

Ashlee Simpson in Beverly Hills (5/11/06)
The young singer leaves a medical building yesterday. When confront with rumors about whether or not she had a nose job, she responds with "Maybe. Who knows!" [source] Umm.. isn't this a yes or no situation?

Paris Introduces a Video Game!
Paris' new view game, Jewel Jam was unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA on Thursday. (5/11/06) [source] Apparently the game is to be downloaded and to use on cell phones.

Simple Life Stars Love to Play Games

Paris' ex-best friend, Nicole Richie was also at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Here she is posing with video game icon Super Pac-Man. The old-school arcade game is being relaunched for cell phones! [source]

Video Games but No Porn

Nicole is denying that she held a screening of Paris' sex tape. That event was apparently one of the big reasons for the two falling out. Nicole told Vanity Fair: "A. I don't watch porn. And B. I don't want to see womeone I've known forever having sex. I mean, that's gross!" (source)

Jenny McCarthy plays Xbox at "Game with Fame" (5/10/06) [source]

Legends Ball Screening
Oprah Winfrey strolls the red carpet Thursday at the NY screening of her Legends Ball special, including perosonal footage from her three-day event last year honoring 25 African-American women at her Montecito, CA home. [source] I love her cute little fan-style purse!

Meg Ryan at the Magazine Awards

Doesn't she looks great! (source)

8th and Ocean to Silver Screen

Twin models Kelly (white dress) and Sabrina (pink dress) Alridge from 8th and Ocean will play the daughters of Kristen Chenoweth and Danny DeVito in Deck the Halls. Kristin Davis has also joined the cast as Matthew Broderick's wife. Apparently, the story revovles around two neighbors in a small New England town who go to war when one of them decides to decorate his house for Christmas with so many lights that it will almost be visible from space. The nighborhood is turned upsdie down as the two families try to discover the true meaning of Christmas. [source, source]

Kelly Osbourne in Maui

Kelly and her boyfriend take a dip while on vacation in Maui. (5/9/06) [source]