Monday, November 17, 2008


Otto is a classic New York restaurant owned by the quintessential NY restaurateur, Mario Batali. While waiting for the reservations to be called diners are welcome to stand alongside one of the many tall tables that cleverly include little cubbies for your bag! All reservation names are programmed into an old fashion train schedule switch board which is definitely an entertaining feature while you wait.
As is the norm with Mario Batali, Otto is Italian but the dishes are served in a tapas style for everyone to share. The restaurant boasts creative pizzas and delicious sides that can certainly be combined to be eaten as a meal. Ones I suggest are the cheese plate, served with honey and jams; the beets; sweet corn and brussel sprouts. I strongly recommend making reservations because the restaurant gets full fast.

Spotted at the table next to mine: David Shwimmer- dining with two beautiful ladies and other actor whom I did not recognize but was told he was an actor too.