Sunday, July 06, 2008

Soho Park

Soho Park is a restaurant inside a space that looks like a greenhouse in the middle of Soho (on Prince St. and Lafayette). It's a perfect little neighborhood spot for any meal of the day- Mon-Saturday they're open from 8:30am until midnight and on Sundays from 10am to 8pm. I recently stopped into the restaurant for lunch on a rainy afternoon while shopping in Soho. Situated inside a greenhouse this spot is perfect for any weather and still lets you feel like you're outside.
Not only does their menu offer tasty comfort-type food but it also features wine, beer, and handmade sodas and shakes. On the rainy, chilly spring day I had the bowl of Roasted Tomato Soup without croutons but asked for shredded cheese on the side and it was no problem!
Soho Park also has unique events Wednesdays through Saturdays, check them all out here.