Saturday, February 07, 2009

Aspen Restaurant & Lounge

The photos of Aspen's interior have tempted me for several months now and I finally had the chance to experience the cozy hotspot last weekend. The bar seems pleasant with wood panel walls and three fake deer heads but step in a little further to enter into the restaurant where patrons dine around a giant fire pit. I continued to be impressed with the restaurant as our waitress rattled off the specials which included lamb atop of mashed potatoes infused with truffle oil.
I ordered the magnificent Vegetarian Terrine dished served on a rectangular white plate with three portions of vegetables lined up. From left to right there were beet mashed potatoes, baked eggplant wrapped with brussel sprout leaves in the middle followed by a serving of green beans to the right.
Overall the restaurant was lovely- romantic but not too romantic, trendy but not too trendy. The space would also serve well as an event venue.
Located on 22nd Street between 5th & 6th Avenues. (Dinner served from 6-midnight; bar opened from 5pm-late night; closed Sundays)
According to OpenTable, Aspen hosts a Happy Hour daily from 5-8pm; Thursdays DJ Tommy James plays from 8pm-2am; Friday nights you'll find DJ Life spinning from 9pm-2am and on Saturdays DJ's Billy Caldwell and Justin Strauss perform from 9pm-4am