Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blog Alert: Cook-To-Bang

This week my friend, DTrench, introduced me to a hot new foodie blog called Cook to Bang, providing men everywhere with recipes to get them laid.Besides the blush-worthy recipes like "Forbidden Fruit Salad" and "Let's Bang S'More," I love how they post images of the cooking process so you know what to expect when you try to make these concoctions yourself. A few of my favorite recipes from the site include the "Lecherous Lemon Bars," "Mo-Mojo Mojito," and the "Gettin' Your Goat Cheese Salad."
Give them a try and do kiss and tell by letting us know if you end up lucky in the bedroom after fixing one of these dishes. I'm all ears if you have your own recipes for love, share them in the comments below.