Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get Well Gifts

Wondering what to get someone who's down and out?
Recently while recovering from surgery I received the most thoughtful gifts throughout the two weeks I was home. So I thought I'd share the amazing gift ideas in case you're in need of a get-well-soon-gift for someone in the future.
The first gift that arrived was from three girl friends who ordered a creative arrangement of cookies from Cookies by Design. I was completely impressed by the cleverr acronym they created for the center piece cookie that read "A Cure 4 Laura".... ACL!
In the following days I received two fruit arrangements, one from Fruit Flowers and one from Edible Arrangements. I have to say, the fruit arrangement with some chocolate covered fruit was definitely my favorite of the two. I also received two beautiful bouquets, both lasted the full two weeks that I was home. One arrangement was from McNamara Florists in Indianapolis and the other was from To top off my first week of recovery I received a little pampering present- a collection of lavender L'Occitane products including a scented candle, foot cream, and body cream. One of my good friends from Dallas sent me an iTunes gift card to help me stock my iPod with all the latest music for when I'm back up and running.
I thought that after receiving a gift almost every day during the first week after surgery that they would stop coming in but to my surprise two fun-filled packages arrived during recovery week #2. The first was a bag full of 2 puzzle books, M&M's, a Knot a Quilt kit and a bamboo plant! The second was a collection of all the NYC publications I was missing including WWD, Manhattan magazine, Metropolitan Home, LOOK magazine and more!
To all my friends: thank you for your thoughts, calls, texts, cards, gifts, prayers, etc. It's so nice to have such amazing friends. Love you all. xoxo
Click HERE to see more pictures of the gifts I received during my post-surgery weeks.