Friday, April 14, 2006

Baby on the Way in the Bryant Household

Kobe Bryant and pregnant wife Vanessa attend the L.A. Lakers 3rd Annual Casino Night and Poker Invitational on Wednesday night. According to People, the Bryant baby is due by the end of May. The couple are already the parents of 3-year-old Natalia. (source)

Other bumps in L.A.Brooke Shields leaving the Salon on Wednesday in Brentwood. She is due by the end of the month. People reports that Brooke is having a baby girl and plans on naming it Grier. The actress has another daughter Rowan, almost 3, with husband Chris Hechy. (source)

In Other Famous Baby News... Tom Cruise Discusses Baptizism with Diane Sawyer.

Last week's issue of US Weekly hinted that Katie Holmes' parents would prefer their grandchild to be baptized Catholic, even if it TomKat raises the child as a Scientologist. Homles, raised Catholic in Ohio, has converted to Scientology since meeting Tom. It is no problem for a Scientologist to be Catholic, Jewish, or whatever but Tom Cruise, in an exclusive interview on ABC's Primetime (Friday at 9pm EDT), tells Diane Sawyer, "No,".. "we're just Scientologists." (source)

As much as he annoys me, I may have to TiVo this interview... we'll see!

Jess Wearing Her Wedding Band?!?!

PopSugar reports that Jessica Simpson is wearing her diamond wedding band as a necklace! Is it possible that her and Nick are rekindling their romance?!?! Or is this just Daddy Jo's attempt to have the buzz surrounding Jessica continue?!?

Other Ring-Related News... Nicole & DJ AM "Unofficially Engaged"

According to Life & Style magaxize, the couple plans on marrying later this year.

As for the ring? To avoid jinxing the romance, Nicole Richie, 24, has met with jewelry designer Nancy Davis to redesign the original engagement ring! (source)

Paris Reading About Herself in Elle Magazine
Paris reportedly told the mag: "I've always had a great voice. You either have it or you don't. It's something you're born with. I'm a brand, a model, an artiste, an actress, a designer. I write books." (source)

Ummm Paris,... that would make you an author!

Kristin Cavallari Reads About Herself In Magazines Too!

The Laguna Beach star lounges soaks up the sun while reading tabloids in Palm Springs on Tuesday. (source)

Tax Deductions!

Last night while dining with friends we were talking about what things someone can deduct from their taxes, so this story is completely relevant...

Can Nelly really deduct his GRILLZ?!?!? (source)

ABC News investigate whether or not rapper Nelly can deduct his "multi-carated teeth." "Several tax experts agree that nelly's bejeweled teeth- celebrated in the hit 'Grillz'- should be treated as a business expense and be duducted on the rapper's income tax return," reports US Weekly.

Apparently, entertainers can claim deductions that most people can't- i.e. expensive costumes, high-prised personal trainers, and even plastic surgery can all be written off as a cost of doing business!

US also reports that Nelly's co-singer, Paul Wall's "oral ornamentation" is adorned with 65 pricess-cut diamonds valued at $16,000!

Damn Gina!!!

Sittin' Pretty

Avril Lavigne performed at New York's Rainbow Room on Wednesday (4/12/06) for the 4th Annual Volvo Life Awards, honoring everyday heroes. (source)