Saturday, April 08, 2006

Paris In Elle magazine (source)

Paris on Fashion:
"I love fashion. Ever since I was three years old I've been going to fashion shows. I still love to go shopping and buy my own stuff. I do all my own styling." Paris on her former fashion sense:
"I look back at the pictures now and I'm like, 'Paris, what the hell were you thinking!'"
Paris on breast augmentation:
"When I was 13 I really wanted a boob job becuase all my friends started to have boobs and I was the only one who looked like a boy. But you know what? I like being flat. I think it's hot. I never have to wear a bra." Paris on food and Hollywood's thin obession: "I love to eat. LA is all about being skinny. when you go to dinner, no is eating or they're going t othe bathroom to do something or they're just drinking water or shots, and I"m the one with the bacon and fries." Paris on why she'll make it as a singer:
"I've always had a great voice."

Love Blooms in Geneva.... (source)

Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom are so touchy-feely at an event in Geneva.

Two Matthews, Couldn't Get Any Hotter Than This!
Matthew Fox, 39, and Matthew McConaughey, 36, on-set while filming We Are Marshall.
The movie is about the emotional impact of the Nov. 14, 1970 plane crash near Tri-State Airport that killed all 75 ppl. on board. Fox will play Red Dawsom, a Huntington, VA businessman. McConaughey will star as Coach Jack Lengyel of the Young Thundering Herd football team. (source) CLICK HERE to see more photos from the set.

Jessica and hairdresser Ken Paves shop at Barneys in LA on Wednesday. (source)

Avril Lavigne Plans to Wed This Summer!
Lavigne, 21, and Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley, 26, got engaged last summer and are planning a traditional white wedding in Beverly Hills. The ceremony may be traditional, but the reception will be a different story! They plan to have circus performers, comedians, and rock bands playing during the celebration. Afterwhich, they'll fly to Paris, and then to a villa in the South of France. They are currently renovating the house they bought together in Santa Monica. And apparently, she is already turning one of the bedrooms into a nursey! (Source)