Friday, April 07, 2006

Kristen Cavalleri attends the 2nd Annual Celebrity Rock 'N Bowl (source)
Meanwhile, Jessica is still upset over the fact that she was compared to the Laguna Beach star in recent magazines! A source says Jessica "was furious. She thought it was insulting and embarrassing to be lumped together with Kristin! As far as Jessica is concerned, Kristin's a nobody -19 year old reality tv star who has just been using Nick for free publicity."
Apparently, Jessica got hold of Kristin's cell phone number and has been making prank calls!

Meryl Streep & Lindsay Lohan in "W"
The two are co-starting in A Prairie Home Companion (Source)

Another single females adopting...
Queen Latifah confirms that she is seriously planning to adopt a baby. She said "I definitely plan on going through with adoption. " (Source)