Saturday, April 22, 2006

What Will the Cast of The O.C. be Wearing to Prom?!?
According to US Weekly, the theme for Harbor School's prom this year is Pirates of the Caribbean! (uggg, if you ask me!)
"The show always tried to be aspirational when it came to fashion, but this year it's really outdone itself," co-exec. producer Stephanie Savage says. Mischa Barton's will be wearing Chanel and gladiator flats!
[$15,550!] While Summer (aka Rachel Bilson) will don a Vera Wang gown. [$1,250]

Gross, I don't like Autumn's dress at all! It's a Dina Bar-El gown worth $728.
Theresa's back on the show wearing a blue Tadashi dress.
What?!?!!? Anna's going with Seth?!? This just isn't right. The blonde will wear a vintage 1960s gown.

Speaking of dresses...
Katie Homles Wants to be a Buff Bride!
Pre-Preggersville: While Preggers: TMZ reports that Katie Holmes has met with Sue Fleming, the owner of Buff Brides, a company that sculpts bodies for the big day. A source has revealed to TMZ that Holmes' dress is a sleep, strapless A-line dress that is form fitted across the waist and falls to the floor.

Miss Kentucky Wins Miss America (4/21/06)