Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Michael Michell & Blake Hood hit up Dallas tonight after stopping by my house to say hi! Tonight my roommate and aspiring actor, Blake Hood (right) introduced me to his friend and actor, Michael Mitchell (left). Michael had a recurring role on the TV series "Phil of the Future," "CSI: Miami," And "The War At Home." He has also made appearances in the 2005 TV movie "Silver Bells" and the 2006 film "The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang." Currently he can be seen as a recurring character on the ABC TV series "Invasion" an alien-human hybrid.

Tiffani Thiessen attends the "My-Tee" Fashion Show (Source)

Where will Mischa Barton go after graduation? (Source) The characters from the OC are graduating in May. After which the shows creators have admitted they aren't sure what to do with the next season. But NY Post quotes insiders who work on the show as being annoyed by Barton's sickouts and tardiness- especially since she's been to known to hit the town and party hearty. On source says, "the real problem now is that she isn't taking work seriously."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS?!?!?!? Look at her belly! This can't be real! (source)

Sexiest Man Alive was spotted in Huntington, WV where he is filming "We Are Marshall." (Source)

Our favorite morning show co-host, Katie course is leaving the Today Show. (source, source)

Today, April 5, 2006 is Couric's 15 year anniversary as the co-host of the Today Show, and the day that she announced her that she leaving NBC at the end of May. Joining CBS she will become the first solo female anchor in weekday evening network news history! Couric, 49, will replace Bob Schieffer on the "CBS Evening News," beginning in September. Not only will she anchor the program, but she will also be managing editor. Click here to read the full story.

Now the question is, who will replace her? Current considerations include:

Meredith Vieira from "The View" (I'll be really annoyed if she is chosen!)

"Today" weekend anchor, Campbell Brown

NBC reporter, Natalie Morales

"Today" newsreader, Ann Curry

Rachel Ray and Moby attend "Night of a Thousand Dinners" (Source)