Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gwen & Gavin Attending Her Baby Shower in L.A. (source)
Other big names who attended her shower this past Sunday include Christina Applegate, David Arquette, and more!

TomKat poses for GQ to promote M.I. 3 & the upcoming baby Uhh! Barf! (source)

Nicollette's Ex-Engagement Ring (source)
Niklas Soderblom proposed to Nicollette Sheridan, 42, with a 1.76-carat Tiffany & Co. diamond ring. Even though they have since split Niklas has kept the ring and decided it was finally time to sell it... to eBay! He reportedly asked US mag. "Why should I have this ring?... I can't give it to anyone else... I don't feel funny about selling it. It will make a very nice present for someone who's a big fan of hers. I sure don't need it any more." Keep in mind that Sheridan is currently engaged to Michael Bolton!

Simpson Sisters Back stage at the MTV Australian MVAs (4/12/06) [Source]

I think they both look great! Here are more pics of Ashlee and a look at her costume changes!

Ken does Ashlee's hair too! Giving kisses to her boyfriend! [source]

The Alien Baby Will be a Scientologist!

It is reported that Katie Holmes is now a devout Scientology follower and has agreed to a silent birth as well as limiting interactions with her newborn for a week after giving birth! She has promised Tom that she would not speak to the infant for at least seven days following the birth. Scientologists believe that this will prevent the baby from associating the mother's voice with the trauma of birth. A source told Britain's Closer magazine: "Katie respects Tom's dedication to Scientology. She is devoted to him and wants to bring up the child the Scientology way." (Source)

Beyonce & Jay Z Courtside (4/11/06) [Source]

Lindsay Lohan at the Unveiling of Saturn's new collection (4/11/06)

At the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. [source]

The World Premiere of American Dreamz (4/11/06)

Hollywood, CA[source]