Saturday, September 06, 2008


Last weekend my friend and I ended our day of West Village shopping by having dinner at the glamorous Bobo restaurant on W. 10th St. (near 7th Ave.) restaurant which is located in a hundred year old brownstone.

According to the OpenTable write up, the name Bobo is derived from the melding of "Bohemian" and "Bourgeoisie" and refers to a group of people who straddle the creative Bohemian realm and the Bourgeoisie world of economic achievement.

All the menus (drinks, dinner and desserts) change seasonally. This summer/early fall they're serving a lot of seafood including sea trout, wild sea bass and seared scallops. The drink of choice for the night seemed to be the Collalto Prosecco. The 100 seat space wasn't at all crowded when we sat down for our 7pm reservations but was definitely crowded by 9:30pm. Vegetarians may want to wait until the winter menu debuts but if nothing else, drinks and desserts are great. For dessert we had the Almond Tart with raspberries and honey yogurt sorbet which was excellent!

p.s. The romantic European decor would be a cozy place to have a bowl of butternut squash soup so fingers crossed it's on the winter menu. ;)