Monday, September 01, 2008

Nike's Human Race 08.31.08

Yesterday I participated in The Nike+ Human Race in New York. The Human Race was was the world's largest one day race, bringing together runners from 5 different continents 26 countries to run a 10K race.

The New York race was held on Randall's Island with 10,000 participants and an average race time of 1:02':04". Each race event ended with a celebratory concert, ours was the All American Rejects! Overall the race and the concert were fantastic- tons of people, high energy, great sponsors, nice location outside of the city during sunset along the East River. And no matter where I'm living next year at this time I plan on running this race again. ;)
Check out race times from around the world HERE.
More about the New York race CLICK HERE.
All American Rejects trash talking video- Go New York!