Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spotted: Britney Spears

It's only my 3rd full day in LA and I just saw Britney Spears!!! She was leaving the dance studio at 6755 Hollywood Blvd. We assume she was holding auditions since she wasn't wearing a dance outfit and her hair wasn't up, plus we saw dancers coming into the building even before we knew Britney was here and they were freaking out saying they were late for a very important audition.
I didn't get the best shot ever from the 7th floor but you can clearly tell she's wearing the same purse she did earlier this week at Blockbuster with her sister.

Here are the paparazzi shots when she first arrived to our building this afternoon: X17Online
p.s. the paparazzi in the white shirt in the background spotted us through the 7th floor windows and was blowing kisses at us, waving, taking pictures of us, etc. So funny!