Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Night that Started at Nook

As my friend said, Nook is a true neighborhood gem located on 9th Ave. between 50th & 51st. It's a total hole in the wall BYOB place that only has about eight tables. The couple next to us even brought their own pitcher of sangria. Last night there were five of us, which is probably the biggest party I'd feel comfortable bringing to this restaurant. We ordered the Mushroom Cigars with White Truffle Oil for us all to share, they were amazing! Three of the five of us ordered their main salad with roasted pears, blue cheese (substituted for goat cheese instead) and candied walnuts with a citrus vinaigrette that was very good.
Nook is open for brunch, lunch and dinner the menu for all courses is available on Menu Pages.
Even though they don't have an official website they do take reservations, just call 212-247-5500

After diner we headed to a members-only mixology club where reesrvations are a must. This place is so exclusive that many New Yorkers think it's an urban myth, but I garentee you it's not. I don't want to ruin it by saying the name but wanted to share the experience. Despite being an exclusive club complete with rules it wasn't "clubby" at all, there is no dancing and in fact you don't really even see the other patrons. Everyone sits in tall booths and there is basically no lighting, just lights around the bar and one lit candle on each of the tables as well as on the trays the servers carry. The server came to our table asking what mood we were in and to give her an adjective that describes what kind of drink we're craving. My one friend said "refreshing," I said that I usually like mojitos and always like rasberries and blackberries. When all the drinks were served we all agreed that, not only were the drinks delicious they actually matched our personalities perfectly. Let's just say, I'd consider myself lucky to go back to this "underground" spot. ;)