Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tutto Tutti

Rated by LAist.com as the best Frozen Yogurt in LA I just new I had to try it. A friend and I visited the creamery this past Friday and to our surprised we both loved the Double Wonder- sea salt and caramel, sounds gross/weird but it's actually really good, tastes more like vanilla than salt or caramel. The Super Bee flavor that LAist mentioned, with ginseng and honey, was too gingery for our taste.
As LAist mentions, the yogurt is organic and all the toppings are homemade. My swirl of Double Wonder was topped with the raspberry-basalmic sauce which complimented the salted sweet taste of the yogurt perfectly.

The servers at Tutto Tutti are super nice and don't mind letting you try any flavor you'd like. So out of curiosity I tried almost all of them! Their 6 flavors include: Virgin (plain), White Velvet (vanilla), Seven (with seven grains blended into the yogurt), Freckle Snow White (plain layered with black sesame seeds), Double Wonder and Super Bee.

Tutto Tutti is located at 6803 Melrose Avenue at the corner of Mansfield.