Saturday, April 04, 2009

Recovery Night In

I'm staying in tonight, yes I know, the second Saturday night home alone in a row... but I'm still recovering from surgery and have tested my crutches at a bar recently and it was somewhat of a fail so I have decided to put my nightlife on hold until I can walk without them.
It's been alright though, a few weekends ago some girl friends of mine came over for game night which was awesome and tonight I'm staying in and blogging and sipping wine.
The wine, though, is the key element here... it's my new fave that my friend introduced me to several weeks ago. Mascato, a white sparkling wine from 2007. It's amazing- fruity, crisp, not too sparkly and just perfection! It's from the Oltrep Pavese area in Italy, to learn more about the wine check out their website.