Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dancing With the Stars Finale! Jerry Rice and his partner get a 27 out of 30. Stacey gets a perfect score despite her injured ankle! Drew jumps over his partner Cheryl while Jiving to Elvis, earning them a standing ovation but (only) a score of 27/30. The judges did not do them justice! ahh! The couple in third place-- Stacey & Tony had the overall worst scores, and therefore eliminated!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!

The winner is.. DREW & CHERYL!!!!

Grey's Anatomy: Akwardness the morning after in Grey's house! Red hair Dr. Shepard has poison oak in a place no one would ever, ever want it! Gross! All I have to say is, 'poor George.'

Recent Health information that I came across while reading SELF magazine:

  • The latest Hollywood workout craze is a vibrating platform that shakes 25-30 times per second. J.Lo's trainer, Gunnar Peterson says while on the Vibraflex machine "your body has to counter the unstable surface." (machine pictured below)

  • As for all those who habitually crack their knuckles, backs, necks, etc. read this recent finding! Popping your joints keeps them moving. "People who crack their back, neck, hips or knees every few days have 56% fewer arthritic joints than those who don't." This research comes from the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. Intentially cracking your joints eases pressure and prevents buildup of bony deposits.