Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am so excited to see what happens with 'Dancing with the Stars' tonight and with the results on Sunday! But did you hear?- Stacey has hurt her ankle? I hope she's ok for tonight! (She was on 'Ellen' earlier today talking abou the show!) I'm still not sure if I am rooting for her or for Drew.. we'll have to see how they do! (source) I loved this gold outfit last week, the skirt was awesome!

I just watched the show!!! So I want to do one last, quick update!
Jerry Rice and his partner’s first dance: I liked the green and black poka-dotted dress with the green shoes! They got the highest score they have ever received! Jerry and partner definitely celebrated while sporting afros! The swing thing he did with her between his legs was actually pretty cool!
Stacey and Tony did the Jive again and got 30 out of 30! I have to agree with the judges comments… They did not live up to my expectations. It was a cute dance but I think they could have done better.
Drew and Cheryl brought back the Thriller! I loved it! His sequenced shoes are so cute! Wow! The judge said that his partner is the best girl they’ve seen! And another PERFECT SCORE! Oh my gosh! I loved their final performance! And I actually voted! I have never voted for any reality show but I really think they did a fab job!

Jessica is getting paid a reported $1 million for her new film 'Employee of the Month.' She is currently filming in Santa Fe. According to In Touch, the $1M is eaqual to $1,240-per-word that she utters in the comedy! (source)

Remember way back in 1998, Katie Holmes was accepted to Columbia University? For the past 8 years she has been deferring the acceptance while she was busy with 'Dawson's Creek,' etc. However, at the time of acceptance her dad paid the $500 "non-refundable" deposit. Now that his daughter has decided not to go the college route he is asking for that money back!!! (source) The couple back in June...
Come on, Mr. Holmes, don't be rediculous!

Apparently Britney is really enjoying her time in Hawaii before heading off to Mardi Gras in New Orleans next week- so much so that she plans on staying at the Maui mansion for an extra 3 months with Sean Preston while she works on her upcoming album! The rent for this posh pad is $42,000 a month. Click here to see some great pics of her island get away! Plus she's ringless in these pictures... umm- KFed hangs out with a chick in LA, Brit is planning on staying away for 3 months, and now no ring to be found?!?!? These are not good signs!

Is one of the 'American Idol' contestants already an idol of sorts? Miss Becky O'Donohue and her twin sister Jesse have appearted on 'Fear Factor's' "twins only" special epsidoe in 2004. The two have also been photographed for Maxim magazine's "Fallacy baseball in 2004" issue. The 24 year old New Yorker began singing at age 4. She also played Division I basketball for Niagara Univeristy. (source)

After a warm Valentine's Day in Hawaii with her husb and the twins, she is back in NYC getting ready for her Broadway debut. Her on-stage costars are Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd. (source)

I really do like Julie, but the bag is nasty!

Celebs modeling for their own collections...
Here are promo pics from Jaime Pressly's line, J'aime:
Click here to see better quality images.
I'm not sure what she is going for exactly. Urban chic possilbly?

Beyonce and Ms. Knowles pose for their House of Dereon collection ads: Beyonce's collection is for those with chic tastes!