Monday, February 27, 2006

Ok who watched Oprah today?!?! I must say, it was amazing! She interviewed "The Real People Behind the Big Names"- Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Barbie, & Elmo. Before hand Marc had sent Oprah the newest Louis Vuitton- it is such a fantastic design that even her doorman complimented her on its craftmanship. The woman behind Jimmy Choo came on and showed a video of her 500 pair shoe collection. Oprah was also presented with the newest style of Jimmy's.

The one who inspired the creation of Barbie came on the show and surprised O with a Barbie look-alike. The Barbie doll wears Oprah's must-photographed red Vera Wang dress.
Finally, Oprah interviewed the 45-year old man that is the voice behind Sesame Street's Elmo.


WHAT?!?! Yesterday Nicole Richie met up with Benny Medina in Hollywood- apparently she is wanting to get into a singing career! (source)
Nooooo! I like Nicole just fine, but I DO NOT want to hear her sing!

Looks like Paris will play the role of Mother Teresa in an upcoming film! WHO IS COMING UP WITH DECISIONS LIKE THIS?!?! Paris says: "It's such an honor. I'm so excited. I really want to learn more about this amazing woman, so that's what I'm doing in a few months." (source) (look how accurately the hands were done!)

The Duff sisters attend the NASCAR 250 in California yesterday. (source)
Remember when the Simpson sisters used to be the faces of IceBreakers?!?
Fantasia and Jewel were also there.

Kimora Lee Simmons debuts her book! She appeared this morning on the Today show and here she is on the cover of her book- Fabulosity. (source)
Did y'all know that she's 6 ft. tall?!?

$$$$$- Reese Witherspoon is officially the highest paid actress of all time; surpassing Julia Roberts! It is reported that Reese will earn $29M for her upcoming horror film Our Family Trouble.
I guess winning the Oscar will seal the deal, making it official. (source)

Jessica and CaCee go shopping in LA over the weekend. (source)
I'm glad to see that the CaCee and Jess' relationship is still strong despite the CaCee and Nick rumors.

The Bachelor Finale! Travis' family comes to visit him in Paris. They will meet the girls to help Travis decide which one is his "soul mate!" First date-- Travis, his sister, brother-in-law and 2 nieces party at an in-door play center. Is it really ethical to get his 2 young nieces involved? One of which suggested that he plays "Eenie-meenie-minie-mo" to pick the right girl! Now to meet the parents! I'm not sure how Travis' parent accepted Sarah- I hope their distant expressions were a play with editing. At dinner Travis made his mom and sister cry. Moana meets the kids and Mike and Andrea at a zoo. While his sister and Moana have a heart-to-heart on the bench and they book tear up! The child has now decided not to play picking games now that she has met Moana. After meeting the second girl she drew a picture of both of the women and circled the one she liked more... MOANA!!! At dinner with the parents she is at a loss for words when asked about the connection she has with Travis. She at first said it wasn't in her character to reveal that type of information. And when she finally does voice her feelings she gets Andrea to tear up a bit more! One-on-one with the parents... Moana has been 'rocked to the core' by Travis! Overall, it seems like the family prefers Sarah! (woohoo!) But I think Travis is definitely smitten over Moana. Looks like trouble in paradise! The women's moms arrive! They are going to go shopping for dresses to wear to the final rose ceremony and to try on engagement rings! Moana's mom is so beautiful and young-looking. One last date... Sarah and Travis play tennis. Last date with Moana- she cooks for him. (cooking= an intimate past time she enjoys doing alone.)
YEAHHHH!!!! Moana is gone!