Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday night TV!
Take a look at the TV stars off-screen..

Eva is so cute, supporting her man at the All-Star celebrity tournament this weekend! Click here to see better quality photos. (And yes, that is Andrew Firestone in the second pic, and then Eva talks to Nelly!)

Dr. McDreamy is so handsome! Umm, umm, good! Here he is on the cover of Details mag. (Just last night I rented Lucky Seven, such a cute movie starring Patrick Dempsey!)
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Desperate Housewives: How was Desperate Housewives? Great! Bree was found passed out in her lawn, and later looses kids while babysitting. We didn't hear anything about the Applewhite's this episode..umm. Eva's mother wants to carry her child! How twisted is that?

Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Burke and Christina dance together in their kitchen, get in a fight because he discovers that she hasn’t really left her apartment, and in the end he confesses his love to her after pronouncing her faults. Dr. McDreamy throws a fist when his wife’s ex-lover hits on Meredith. Three’s a crowd in the elevator at Grace Hospital. Dr. McSteamy comes back to claim Dr. (Addison) Shepard. Dr. McDreamy throws a fist when his wife’s old flame hits on Meredith. George musters up the courage to tell Meredith he loves her. And we find out that they may have had sex! What is going on!?!?