Thursday, February 16, 2006

I was surprised to see Ellen Pompeo photographed with her boyfriend in last week's US Weekly. I had heard she had a bf, but had no clue who he was until now! Here is the lovely couple photographed at the Writers Guild Awards in L.A. on Feb. 4th. (source of photo)

Ellen and Chris Ivery, a devoted music-producer, live together and have been dating for 2 1/2 years. Ironically, the two grew up 10 miles apart from one another outside Boston, but met at a L.A. grocery store. US reports that later that evening the pair would celebrate Grey's Anatomy's success as well as Chris' 38th birthday, which was also Feb. 4th. Pompeo confessed, "We have some celebrating to do after we leave." Even though she looked beautiful in her Azzaro gown she admitted that their late-night celebrations “won’t involve this dress, but it will involve champagne. It will involve no dress!”

Yesterday there were reports that Kelly Osborne, 21, was going bald due to frequent color treatments. And today we see a whole new do! I’m not sure if this is an improvement? A bow made of fake hair? (source)
This is Kelly last night at the Brits Awards 2006.

TomKat keepin’ it hot in Australia. Although they are there for the funeral of media mogul Kerry Packer. Pop Sugar tells us that “Tom was reportedly going alone when Katie bailed last minute, but it looks like she changed her mind.” I’m sure it was more of a forceful push on Tom’s part to fight the break up rumors.

How did Tom and Katie celebrate Valentine’s Day besides battling the tabloids? Apparently, Tom surprised Katie with a house full of roses and a serenade by the Jazz Trilogy band. (source)

Was Nick on a double date for dinner on Valentine’s Day? The couples (Nick with a mysterious brunette) ate at shin aro restaurant in Hollywood. Check out the Chatter Zone for the clip.

More face-time for Miss Lohan.
The most recent Allure magazine features Lindsay, 19, on the cover as well as a telling interview within the pages of the magazine. During the recorded interview she discusses issues concerning her light-weight: “Sometimes being that thin doesn’t look healthy. I kind of didn’t realize that.” The rest of the article alludes to the fact that she is eating healthier, hiking, and baking cakes. (Last week’s US Weekly reported that she is 5’5’’, weighing in at 110.)

Tech. Savvy: Apple may have some news coming soon. [check it out]