Thursday, February 09, 2006

February 11, 2996

Dancing with the Stars update... George Hamilton is off! I thought the football player guy would be gone. Oh well, stay tuned for next week!

Jessica Simpson out in L.A. running errands and pumping her own gas. [source]

Did y'all hear that Nicole Richie wants to start her own club? Plus, check out her latest promo gig: [source]

(Passing out Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper in NYC on Valentine's Day!)

Oprah is the coolest woman around... not to mention, the richest! She just signed a 3-year, $55 million deal with XM Satillite Radio to launch her own syndicated show! The new channel, "Oprah and Friends," is set to begin in September. [source]

How did Tori know she found the right one this time?!?

After her recent divorce she is engaged again, and this time to Dean McDermott! The couple seems to agree that adding ink to their bodies will secure their love forever! This is insane! [source]

Ever since the budding days of their romance, I have found the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore relationship a little odd. Especially with the tight bond they share with her ex, Bruce Willis.
The situation gets weirder... According to InTouch magazine, on Jan. 24th Demi bought the same Prada shirts for both men. An insider says, "Demi frequently buys for both of them."

Dallas Restaurant Scene:
A group of us went to Steel last night. Good sushi and great decor, but server was a little pushy.

February 9, 2006
***What a great night to start a blog!***

This show is so fun, not to mention addicting! Drew Lachey is adorable, I loved Nick's appearance on the show this evening! Although I have to admit I am also cheering for Stacy- I can't believe she is a professional wrestler! Lisa Rinna has a rockin' bod and fabulous costumes, but the lips are ridiculous. On tonight's show she said, "growth is painful." Too bad she had to find this our via injections.

Last week's episode, entitled "The Cliffhanger," the last thing we saw was a drunken Johnny fall off a cliff as Ryan tried to rescue him. And of course Marissa and her sister were helplessly witnessing this tragic scene. Tonight we find out that Johnny died, Marissa's sister quickly finds a new love interest. Ryan is always trying to save the day, I wish he would just give up some times! But it looks like he might be feelin' Johnny's cousin.

Local Celeb Sightings...
Chad Hugghins performed live at the Door in Dallas! Two lucky fans- Courtney & Laura- were lucky enough to strike a pose with the singer! [click the pic to view Chad's blog]