Monday, February 13, 2006

February 13, 2006

Celeb sighting in Dallas on Saturday night... Bruce Willis was seen leaving Manny's Uptown mexican restaurant!

Gossip Street reader and model, Amy Hebert, met some celebrities in L.A. recently:
Amy poses with Steven from Laguna Beach.
And here she is (far left) with the Gastineau Girls:
(Thanks Amy for those pics!)

Over the weekend the Hilton fam wen tto an Ocean Drive Magazine Party: (source)
The Hilton sisters and some unknown girl. I'm not a huge fan of Paris, but I do like her dress!

Update on Grey's Anatomy: Last night's show was great, but they still left us hanging! Christina and Dr. Burke are getting cuter- and they're in love. Thank goodness Meredith didn't die, nor did the guy with the bomb inside of him. Too bad, though, that the cute bomb squad guy had to go. And Meredith was dumb to leave the OR to watch him walk down the hallway. Dr. Bailey delivered a healthy baby (whose middle name is George!) and her husband survived his brain surgery! Looking forward to next weeks... and still hoping that Meredith and Dr. McDreamy get back together!

Update on Desperate Housewives: Overall, I liked it. The whole marriage thing so that Teri can get health insurance is a little bizare. I'm glad that Bree and Betty Applewhite are bonding over hidden family secrets. And that's pretty much about it... stay tuned for next week!
Overnight Dates on The Bachelor: First up, the "black sheep" of the women, Moana. She and Travis visit Venice. Lucky for them, the gondolas weren't on strike (wink, wink to my Lungarno Ladies!) They were attacked by pigeons in San Marco's square and at a nearby cafe she impresses him by ordering in Italiano. She reads the spend the night invitation so dramatically-- uhh! Sarah the kindergarden teacher and Travis travel to Vienna, Austria where they take their food from the formal dinner up to their private room where they spend the night together! She's such a sweet heart- he says that with her he has developed more of a friendship.. to that I say- the best loves start as friends. (Please pick her, Travis!) Susan and Travis get away up in the French Alps. He straightup asks her about her motives to be on the show, if she has done so to get exposure. (Obviously, she said no- but I'm still skeptical.) She admitted that she's "totally falling in love" with him, after which he loudly gulps as he digests the news! Moana gets the first rose of the evening... Sarah gets the second (Good thing he was able to look past her ugly dress that evening)... and finally, Susan is gone!

Jessica debuts her own line of boots (and shoes)!
What are Jess' big Valentine's Day plans?!?! She's celebrating with girl friends "downing all the chocolate we can find!" She tells ET that she's dating all her girl friends- they love going shopping and to "go dancin." Plus, she says "nope, I'm not ready for that," when asked about dating. (source)

Fun for the whole family: PINK PANTHER is #1 at the box office this weekend, and Curious George comes in at #3! Here is Beyonce looking fab! (source)